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The ORELLANA group



We are a research group at York University interested in all aspects of organic chemistry

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Group News

October 2022 - Faizan, Anmol and Jiaqi will present at QOMSBOC

October 2022 - We welcome Ekta Gupta to the group as a PDV

September 2022 - Faizan presents our work at the Roche TIS symposium

September 2022 - We welcome Hanna Le as an undergraduate researcher

September 2022 - We welcome Indrajit to the group as a PDV

September 2022 - Art presents an invited talk at the International Congress for Heterocyclic Chemistry

July 2022 - Brian defends his M.Sc. thesis

July 2022 - Our massive collaboration with Henry Krause and Carolyn Cummins appears in Science Signalling

June 2022 - Congrats to Anmol, Jiaqi, Faizan, Matthew, Bill and Samira for successful research evaluations

June 2022 - Samira becomes a Ph.D. candidate

April 2022 - Ali defends CHEM 4000 and completes her B.Sc. degree

January 2022 - Jiaqi and Ashik publish more heterocyclic chemistry in Organic Letters with Roche

September 2021 - Faizan becomes a Ph.D. candidate

September 2021 - Bill and Matthew join the group as M.Sc. candidates

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