The ORELLANA group



We are a research group at York University interested in all aspects of organic chemistry

Recent Group News

November 2020 - Our pyridine allylation work appears in Chemical Science, sweet!

October 2020 - Art presents our research at the University of Sherbrooke

September 2020 - Our synthesis of 7(S)-HDHA appears in J. Org. Chem.

September 2020 - Brian receives the Faculty of Science Silver Medal, Big Respect!

September 2020 - Brian, Samira and Tristan officially begin their M.Sc.

August 2020 - Nour presents our pyridine work at the Roche symposium

August 2020 - Isabelle joins Avro Lifescience, best of luck!

August 2020 - Nour joins the Hans Renata group at Scripps Florida

August 2020 - Izzy defends her M.Sc. Thesis

July 2020 - Nour defends her M.Sc. Thesis

May 2020 - Brian defends his undergraduate thesis

September 2019 - Brian joins the group as a CHEM 4000 student

September 2019 - Granit joins the group as an M.Sc. student

August 2019 - Minhao accepts a position with Ilija Coric at the University of Zurich

August 2019 - Minhao defends his M.Sc. thesis, nice!

July 2019 - Art presents our pyridine work at OMCOS in Heidelberg

July 2019 - Art presents our catalysis work at Roche in Basel, Switzerland

July 2019 - Art presents our catalysis work at Concordia and the University of Montreal

June 2019 - Nour wins an oral presentation award at the CSC in Quebec city

June 2019 - Isabelle presents our pyridine work at Roche in Basel, Switzerland

June 2019 - Faizan accepts a position at TRC

June 2019 - Nour presents our recent work on pyridines at the CSC

May 2019 - Shrey and Brian receive NSERC Undergraduate Research Awards!

May 2019 - Yang joins the group for CHEM 4000

April 2019 - We are awarded an NSERC CRD grant with Roche!

April 2019 - Shrey defends his CHEM 4000 project

March 2019 - Faizan defends his M.Sc. thesis

January 2019 - Andrei starts a PDF with our friend Javier Read de Alaniz at UCSB

December 2018 - Andrei defends his thesis with flying colours

December 2018 - Ashik joins our group as a PDF